Photogeist Albums - Genie Geists

Mudjin is a mischevious prankster. I was inspired by Shantae with this design along with various Spyro 2 designs,

Catwish is a washed up genie. I always loved catfish and the idea that they are mystical river spirits when in reality they feature a listless expression.

Nokomandr is a vengeful being, broken free from a lifetime of being abused. I was inspired by the legend of the Tsuchinoko as well as ancient salamanders.

Photogeist Albums is a personal project of mine that is a retro-styled ghost hunting monster tamer set in the Pacific Northwest.
These 3 monsters are based off of mud dwelling creatures mixed with different concepts of wish granting entities.
All ideas, designs, and art is my own.

Animations by Dan Cherkassky