Photogeist Albums - Trash Geists

Kappage is a reclusive kappa, making its home in trash. I love all kinds of turtles, and the otherworldy but pathetic vibe they have.

Scrollop is an entity much like a scallop that has made its home in a tire. I wanted the idea of a mimic, but different and more modern interpretation. I also love how scallops have a bunch of eyes.

Skarepol is a timid little scarecrow put together from scraps. I grew up in a rural area, and we often used shopping bags on sticks and wires to scare deer from gardens. I liked this idea for a body of the scarecrow, along with an old taped bucket.

Photogeist Albums is a personal project of mine that is a retro-styled ghost hunting monster tamer set in the Pacific Northwest.
These 3 monsters are based off of various man-made objects and the creatures that inhabit them.
All ideas, designs, and art is my own.

Animations by Dan Cherkassky